Aware Prepare

For the Pet Lover

In the event of an emergency, it's important not to forget our four legged companions. Build a pet emergency kit for friends or family. Start with a back pack, gym bag or 5 gallon bucket and include items such as:

  • Water and food, enough for 3-7 days. pup
  • Food and water dishes.
  • Blanket or towel for a bed.
  • A favorite toy and some treats.
  • For a dog, a leash and collar.
  • For a cat, a collapsible cat carrier, litter and litter box.
  • Small plastic bags for pet messes.
  • Plastic bag with pet immunization records
  • Specific supplies for your pet. Do you have a bird, reptile, small animal or fish?  What do they need?

Pre-assembled kits can be purchased online or at better pet retailers.

Pet Safety Information