Crude Oil



Governor Cuomo directed state agencies to implement an aggressive enforcement and inspection effort to better protect communities from train derailments of trains carrying crude oil and spills at transfer and storage facilities.

Rail Inspections:
NYSDOT started a targeted inspection campaign in February 2014. As of May 2015, NYSDOT and its federal partners have inspected 9,846 rail cars (including 7,838 crude oil tank cars) and 3,234 miles of track, uncovered 1,217 defects, and issued 20 hazardous materials violations

In addition, NYSDOT hired five new rail inspectors that will allow NYSDOT to increase the number of inspections.

“Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, the New York State Department of Transportation has moved aggressively by conducting targeted inspections to ensure freight rail companies hauling crude oil comply with federal safety regulations. Working with the Federal Railroad Administration, New York’s new rail safety inspectors will help us continue to identify problems and reduce the risk of transporting crude oil and other hazardous materials in New York State.” - Matthew J. Driscoll, Commissioner, Department of Transportation  


Facility Inspections: Last year, NYSDEC completed inspections at each of the four crude oil storage facilities in New York: two in Albany, one in West Seneca and one in Riverhead. DEC did not observe any¬† major violations and routine issues have been addressed. Inspections are performed before licenses are renewed, if there is a major modification at the facility or if there is an operational problem (e.g., significant spill). The inspection items cover five areas: records/reports, aboveground tanks, underground tanks, secondary containment systems and transfer systems.