Homeland Security and Emergency Services

DHSES E-Grants Help

Attachment Module

The Attachment module contains any documentation that the subrecipient wishes to include with their submission. 

Prospective and continuing subrecipients can include electronic submissions of any project documentation associated with their project.

The DHSES staff can view any documentation submitted by subrecipients that would be associated with a project.

Accessing the Attachment Grid

To access the DHSES E-Grants Attachment module:

  • Log in to the DHSES E-Grants.
  • Click on Project
  • Click on the Project #  (displayed in blue). 
  • Click on the Attachment link on the left frame of the E-Grants Welcome page.  The Attachment grid will then display on the right frame of the screen

To Add Attachments

  • Click on the New button.
  • Either click on the Browse button and select the appropriate file, Or type in the path and name of the file you wish to attach.
  • Click on Upload

The file will be uploaded and a message will appear to that effect.  You may upload more files or click on Go Back to List to return to the list of attachments associated with that project.

Accessing Specific Attachments

To access an Attachment data for a specific Project,

  • Log in to the E-Grants.
  • Click on the Project #  (displayed in blue). 
  • Click on the Attachment link.
    • A list of the Attachments for that project will then be displayed.   If there are no Attachments displayed then that project does not have any attachments.

The data in the Attachment List grid is presented in tabular format showing three columns of information.  These columns are: Attachment #, Entered Date, and Attachment Name.

  • Click on the Attachment Name (displayed in blue).  The attachment will load into a separate browser frame. 
  • To return to the list of attachments, click on the X in the upper right hand corner of the Attachment's text.