Homeland Security and Emergency Services

DHSES E-Grants Help

Getting Started

DHSES E-Grants is designed as a web page and requires a browser to access the program.   The latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox are recommended. To check your browser version:

  • Open your browser.
  • Click on Help.
  • Click the About option.  The version number will be found there.

To access DHSES E-Grants, you must have a username and Password.  Please contact DHSES at grant.info@dhses.ny.gov if you need to request a username and password.

When you first access DHSES E-Grants, the Acceptance page will be displayed.  This screen prompts the user to acknowledge that a secured system is being accessed.

  • Click on the Electronic Submission Notice button to view the document.
  • Click Accept to access the DHSES E-Grants login page.

Access Notice screen of DHSES E-Grants


Electronic Submission Notice


To Log-in:

  • Enter your Login Name.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click on the Submit button to gain access to DHSES E-Grants. 

Login screen

Once you have logged in, the Welcome to DHSES E-Grants Page will be displayed. 

  • Click on the word Project in the upper left corner to open the list of projects that match the access rights of the user or to create a new Project.

Welcome screen

  • To access an existing project, click on the Project # you want to access. Only the projects the user has access to will be visible on this screen.

Only 15 projects are shown on a page.  Above the list of projects are navigation buttons to access the different pages.  In addition, the page number currently displayed is shown as well as the total number of pages available. 

Select a Project screen

  • To create a new project click on the New button.  A drop down box will display to select the appropriate Funding Program and Funding Year.

Create New Project screen

Changing Passwords

The login page also allows authorized users to change their password:

  • Enter your Login Name.
  • Enter your Password.
  • Click on the Change Password button.
  • On the next screen enter your Login Name and Password. 
  • Enter your new password, in the New Password box (Passwords must be at least 8 characters long, with a combination of at least three of the following:  lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers, keyboard symbols ( ! @ # $ % & * ).
  • Re-enter the new password, in the Confirm New Password box.
  • Click Save Change.

The next time you log-in you must use the new password.


  • Within any of the E-Grants pages, click the Logout button located towards the bottom of the left frame. Exiting by clicking on the X button on the top right corner may introduce undesired behavior.

DHSES E-Grants Page Navigation

To provide consistency, all the pages throughout DHSES E-Grants consist of a left frame, header and content area. 

Navigation through the pages is possible by clicking on the various types of "links" that have been created on each screen or page.  These links can be tabs, hyperlinks, buttons, or drop down boxes and when you click on them the system takes you to another page within DHSES E-Grants. 

DHSES E-Grants Frames

DHSES E-Grants pages were designed with two frames or parts.  These frames are always displayed below the browser toolbar.  Based on user rights, some of the choices will not be seen or will be "grayed" out and not accessible to the user. 

Left Frame

Words in yellow are links to other screens, words in white are headings.  Below is a brief description of the left frame choices:

After selecting a project the left frame has the following choices:

Left Frame Choices

DHSES E-Grants




Site Review




Login ID

Change Password


Takes the user to the DHSES E-Grants Welcome screen.

Takes the user to list of projects they have access to or to create a new project.

Subrecipients can attach documentation with application submission.

Create, read or update progress reports submitted by the subrecipient.

Subrecipient can read documentation of official site visits.

Under Construction

Able to enter an equipment inventory

Takes the user to Help screen or Logout, respectively

Indicates the sign in ID of the current user.

Allows the user to change their password

Lists the open version of DHSES E-Grants

After selecting a project the left frame has the following choices:

Left Frame Choices






Site Review



Draft Contract

Final Contract

Takes the user to the DHSES E-Grants Welcome screen.

Takes the user back to the grid, showing all of the projects.

Saves any changes which the user may have made.

Notifies the user that E-Grants is locked for changes.

(Seen only by a subrecipient, when the project status is New and at least one participant is entered.) Clicking this button changes the status of the grant to Application Received.

Lists the other modules for the selected project.  Clicking on one of these choices takes the user to the actual attachments, progress, site review, etc. of the selected project.

A printable summary of the application.

A report of the areas where DHSES has determined that the application information submitted is not yet adequate to generate a contract.

A printable draft contract.

Creates a printable version of the executed contract



When a project is selected this area displays the following information:  Project #, Funding Source, Participant and Project Status.

Content Area and Tabs

After opening a specific project, a series of tabs can be seen below the header.  The data in the content area corresponds to the tab currently selected.  DHSES E-Grants divides the modules into tabs to help organize the information.  To access a particular tab, simply click on that tab.  Remember to save before moving onto another tab or your information will be lost.

Drop Down Boxes

Several fields in the system require the user to place a value in the field by selecting it from a predefined list of choices.  Click on the arrow to the right side of the box to scroll through your choices and then select the name by clicking on it.  If the list of values is long, hit a letter or number to quickly skip through the records.

Going Back to a Previous Page

It is not recommended to use the browser Back button to go to previous pages of the DHSES E-Grants web application.  Doing so may cause undesired behavior.  Instead, use the navigation buttons provided within DHSES E-Grants.


There is a time-out feature that will log a user out if no activity is detected. To prevent being logged-out, we recommend that you log out if you are going to leave your desk or are not planning to use DHSES E-Grants for more than thirty minutes.

Applicants can work on a project at leisure. DHSES E-Grants will save the data and allow the applicant to return to the application to continue working.