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DHSES E-Grants Help

Property Report Module

The Property Report module contains reports of any purchased property or equipment associated with the grant funds (equipment is defined as durable [non-consumable] goods with a value of $5,000 or more). 

Subrecipients can view, enter, submit and print an Equipment Inventory Report pertaining to grant funded property purchases associated with their project during the life of the grant. The DHSES staff can view a subrecipient's property report.

Accessing the Property Reports Grid

To access the DHSES E-Grants Property Reports module:

  • Log in to the DHSES E-Grants.
  • Click on Project in the left frame of the Welcome Screen.
  • Click on the specific Project # (displayed in blue) from those listed.
  • Click on Property in the left frame of the Welcome Screen.
  • A list of the Property Reports for that project will then display in the right frame of the screen.   If there are no Property Reports displayed, then that project does not have any Property reports recorded.

The data in the Property Report Screen is presented in columns of information:

Property Reports Initial Screen

Column Title

Serial #

Property Description




Sequential number for the Property reports

The serial number of the piece of property, if applicable.

A description of the property.

Party that provided the funds for purchase of this piece of property.

Whether the property is in active use, or has been disposed of.

The original cost of the property.


  • To access a specific Property Report Record, click on the # or the Serial # (displayed in blue).  That Property Report will then display in the right frame of the screen.
    • The top part of the screen has text boxes for the property's/equipment's description, location, condition, etc. 
    • The middle section has text boxes for the participant that provided the funds for purchase and text boxes for the serial, model and other ID numbers.
    • The bottom section has the information for property disposal and comments.

Creating a New Property Report in DHSES E-Grants

  • Click on New Property button at the bottom of the screen.
  • The Property Description screen will be displayed. Fill in the appropriate information. Click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen when all the information has been added.  (Or click on Save on the left side of the screen.)
  • Repeat this process for each piece of property to be added.