Homeland Security and Emergency Services

DHSES E-Grants Help

Site Review Module

The Site Review module of DHSES E-Grants contains the documentation of official site visits made by DHSES personnel. A subrecipient can only read items in this module.  

Accessing the Site Review Grid

To access the DHSES E-Grants Site Review module:

  • Log in to the DHSES E-Grants.
  • Click on Project on the left frame of the Welcome page.
  • Click on the specific Project # (displayed in blue) from those listed to open that project.
  • Click on Site Review in the left frame

The data in the Site Review Report screen is presented in columns of information:

Site Review Column Definitions

Column Title
Visit Date
Visit Type
Meeting Location

Sequential number for Site Review reports
The date the visit took place.
The type of visit report – site, telephone, desk audit, or blank.
The place the meeting was held.

Site Review Screen

  • Click on Number in blue to access a specific Site Visit.   

Site Visit Screen