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Cyber Security Awareness Toolkits

awareness toolkit
In celebration of October Cyber Security Awareness Month, the NYS Enterprise Information Security Office has provided a number of educational resources available to the public. Resources include cyber security themed posters, calendars, bookmarks, guides, brochures and other content that can be downloaded and branded to help promote and reinforce cyber safety in practical, informative, entertaining and usable ways.

Keeping Kids Safe Online

  • C-SAVE
    The Cyber Security Awareness Volunteer Education (C-SAVE) Program is a great opportunity for cyber security professionals and/or educators to help educate elementary, middle, and high-school students about Internet safety and security. For more information or to download the C-SAVE curriculum, visit www. staysafeonline. org/in-the-classroom/c-save. A full set of materials is provided to make the experience as close to turn-key as possible.
  • Keeping Kids Safe Online

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NYS Annual Cyber Security Conference


Recent Events

Data Privacy Day - January 28, 2014

Data Privacy Day was an international event that occurs every January 28th. The purpose of Data Privacy Day is to raise awareness and promote privacy education to state and local government, academia, businesses, and citizens.

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