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Street Address Mapping (SAM)

Updated 9/5/14 - Tentative County Data Build List


The Office of Cyber Security (OCS) has embarked on a major project to create a detailed statewide address point dataset. This will expand on the current NYS Address Points, improve their positional accuracy and maintain them in the NENA address standard. Standardized, accurate, and up-to-date address points are a required dataset for Next Generation 911 (NG911). This presents a challenge because consistently formatted address data are not uniformly available across the state. Centralizing the address point data build effort will result in the least costly solution for all.

Building the data for the high level needed for 911 dispatch will also ensure it is suitable for multiple applications. For example, the SAM dataset will also be used to host a statewide geocoding service. State and local agencies need to geocode addresses as point locations to support a variety of functions. This will allow multiple state agencies, local governments and other entities to utilize this shared service to get consistent, accurate geocoding results. In addition, this will eliminate the redundant cost and effort of each organization maintaining its own geocoding service, and the potential of different entities receiving conflicting results from different geocoding services.

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The SAM dataset will accommodate sub-addresses (e.g. apartment, building, suite, floor, etc.) as determined necessary by 9-1-1 officials. The SAM initiative nicely complements the NYS Streets & Address Points Data Maintenance which has been underway at OCS for several years (see the Streets & Address Maintenance tab above).

NYS Streets & Address Points Data Maintenance

OCS continues to maintain the NYS Streets and NYS Address Points data sets, containing over 135,000 miles of streets and more than 4 million address points. Over time, the NYS Address Points dataset will be phased out and replaced with the Address Points developed as part of the SAM Project. The NYS Streets data set contains numerous attributes including primary street name, alternate/alias street names, address ranges, route numbers, classification, jurisdiction, and other attributes needed for geocoding or routing applications.

The data sets are available to NYS GIS Data Sharing Cooperative Members and NYS local governments at no cost through the NYS GIS Clearinghouse (http://gis.ny.gov/gisdata/inventories/member.cfm?OrganizationID=522). Data is released quarterly in March, June, September and December. A version of the NYS Streets data (http://gis.ny.gov/gisdata/inventories/details.cfm?DSID=932) containing all but the address and routing attributes is also freely available to the public.

The NYS Streets and NYS Address Points datasets are used extensively by State agencies, counties, local governments, federal agencies, and increasingly by the emergency response community. To keep the data up-to-date, the Office of Cyber Security coordinates with local government partners to identify needed street and address changes such as the addition of new streets or address points, correction of street names, addition of alternate/alias street names, and refinement of address ranges. Edits are reported using MMNT (Map Maintenance, Notification and Tracking), a secure web application that allows authorized users to submit updates and corrections. Edits are made once and the updated data sets are shared back with all governmental agencies, minimizing duplication of data maintenance efforts.

County and local governments interested in learning more about a potential partnership opportunity to share street and address changes should contact the NYS Office of Cyber Security at 518-242-5200.

MMNT Training Booklet

NYS Streets & NYS Address Points Data Sets
(with primary street names in black and alternate street names in red)

NYS Streets and NYS Address Points
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MMNT - Map Maintenance, Notification and Tracking Application

MMNT - Map Maintenance, Notification and Tracking Application
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Request for Proposal

Title: Street Address Mapping (SAM)



The New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (DHSES), Office of Cyber Security (OCS) is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Leading and coordinating New York State's (State) efforts regarding cyber readiness and resilience;
  • Leading and coordinating geographic information technologies, including the New York State Statewide Digital Orthoimagery Program (DOP) streets and address mapping, and other framework data layers;
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) support during DHSES event responses;
  • Coordinating the critical infrastructure GIS data throughout the State;
  • Staffing the State's cyber incident response team; and
  • Monitoring the State's networks for malicious cyber activities.

The efforts of OCS are built upon cooperation and input from a variety of entities, and focus on building strong relationships between and among the public (federal, state, and local) and the private sectors to best ensure our State's cyber readiness and GIS coordination.

OCS received grant funding from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) to create address data in support of mapping broadband availability. In order to establish a long-term maintenance strategy for address points, OCS determined that it is critical to engage the 911 community. In an effort to leverage these funds to support the transition to NG911, OCS has conducted outreach to the 911 community. Given that the community recognizes the lack of uniformly good data and that many counties pay local telephone carriers to license address lookup data, the response has been very positive. This project will use the grant funds to contract for assistance in taking data available from OCS (which include State and local data), as well as optional data contributed by the successful Bidder, and establish accurate address points at structures and at the centroids within the parcel of addressed vacant parcels.

The schedule for this procurement is as follows:

  1. Release of RFP - Monday, 9/24/2012
  2. Return Notice of Interest - Tuesday, 10/02/2012
  3. Written Questions Due from Bidders for Pre-Bid Conference - 5:00 p.m. EDT Tuesday, 10/02/2012
  4. Mandatory Pre-Bid Web Conference - 1:00 p.m. EDT Thursday, 10/4/2012
  5. Rescheduled Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference - 1:00 p.m. EDT Thursday, 10/11/2012
  6. Final Written Questions Due from Bidders - 2:00 p.m. EDT Monday, 10/15/2012
  7. Official Response to Bidders' Questions - Thursday, 10/18/2012 - updated
  8. Final version of Appendix D, Part 6 posted to RFP website - Thursday, 10/18/2012 - updated
  9. Closing Date for Receipt of Bids / Bid Opening Date - 2:00 p.m. EDT Monday, 11/05/2012
  10. Notify selected bidder and non-selected bidders - Friday, 11/16/2012
  11. Contract Finalization with selected Bidder - 1:00 p.m. EDT Friday, 11/30/2012
  12. Contract Award (Approval by the Office of the State Comptroller) - 4-8 weeks from contract finalization

For more information on this proposal, follow the links below:

Webcast Information (updated 10/9/2012)

Due to technical difficulties, the mandatory SAM RFP web conference scheduled for Thursday, 10/4/2012 at 1:00pm EDT was cancelled. If you had registered for the web conference prior to 10/4/2012 at 1:00pm EDT, you will be notified of the new time and date for the rescheduled conference. An updated "Table 1 - Procurement Timetable" is posted to this site. Also, final questions from prospective bidders are now due by Monday 10/15/2012 at 2:00 PM.

Due to technical difficulties OCS has determined to hold the pre-bid conference as an audio conference only. The slides for the presentation are posted on the RFP site, please check the website for any updates prior to the start of the call. The presentation slides have been numbered so that participants can follow along.  Attendance at the re-scheduled pre-bid conference is still required in order to fulfill the RFP mandatory requirement. For registration purposes, one representative from your company, using a company email address  should send an email to SAMRFP@dhses.ny.gov at the start of the call indicating your attendance.

Questions during the pre-bid web conference can be sent by email to SAMRFP@dhses.ny.gov  , using the question template in the RFP. All questions submitted will be responded to by the Official Response date indicated in the Procurement Timetable.

The conference call is re-scheduled for:  Thursday, October 11, 2012 1:00 PM EDT.

All questions regarding this RFP should be directed via e-mail to: SAMRFP@dhses.ny.gov

Designated Contact for this Procurement: Thomas D. Smith
Solicitaion Contact for this Procurement: Joseph N. Martucci


Deborah A. Snyder

Acting Chief Information Security Officer


Cyber Security