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Welcome to SAM News Issue #9, May and June, 2014.

SAM Production - on track for Statewide Completion

mapThe SAM contractor continues to perform well and has delivered over 3.7 million of the expected 5 million points. The remaining points will be delivered over the next 4 months.  We are very pleased to be on track for an on-time, successful state-wide database build.  We now have in hand all but one signed Data Usage Agreement and the last county is working diligently with their new administration on signing their agreement. We anticipate 100% participation in the project and thank all of our partners on helping us to meet this goal. 

Now that we've reprocessed all previously delivered counties to address the Landmark Names issue SAM News #8, post processing is back under way.  We ask counties to be patient as we work through the back log.  Please note that the post processing order follows the data build order http://www.dhses.ny.gov/ocs/streets/documents/TentativeDataBuildOrder.pdf. As post processing is completed for a county, team member Cheryl Benjamin has been scheduling onsite data maintenance meetings with each county to determine who should be involved in data maintenance, their maintenance roles, and takes a detailed look at the delivered SAM Address Points.

Links to SAM Address Point Data

Direct download: http://gis.ny.gov/gisdata/inventories/details.cfm?DSID=921
Web services: http://gisservices.dhses.ny.gov/arcgis/rest/services.  By using the web service, you can use SAM points directly in your applications or GIS sessions without the need to download the data.

Data Maintenance Tool

Progress continues to be made on setting up the web-based data maintenance platform. The Test/QA environment is now almost complete and work configuring the Production environment has begun.  The roll-out schedule for GeoComm's "GeoLynx" product is now slated to begin in August. The SAM Team will receive "Train-the-Trainer" instructions during July or August. Shortly thereafter, we will begin onsite training to county staff from those counties who elect to use this tool for maintaining their address point data. As previously mentioned, this tool will be made available to counties at no cost.

NENA GIS Training Class a Success

In addition to the 84 people who attended the NENA GIS Data Preparation for NG9-1-1 training class at last fall's NYS 9-1-1 Coordinator's Conference, an additional 132 people attended one of the five regional classes the NYS GIS Program Office sponsored this spring.  Survey responses for the regional classes rated the class as "Very Good" or "Good", citing that the class size (25-30 attendees) and the mix of attendees from different organizations (9-1-1, Emergency Services, Law Enforcement, GIS, Real Property) resulted in interactive and thoughtful discussions. Thank you to everyone who hosted and organized the regional training classes!


As always, we love to hear from our readers, so feel free to contact anyone on the SAM Team:

Frank Winters, Director of the GIS Program Office, Francis.Winters@its.ny.gov
Cheryl Benjamin, Cheryl.Benjamin@its.ny.gov
Bob Gehrer, Robert.Gehrer@its.ny.gov
Jason Baum, Jason.Baum@its.ny.gov
Rodger Coryell, Rodger.Coryell@its.ny.gov
Craig Fargione, Craig.Fargione@its.ny.gov

We encourage you to visit the SAM web page, www.dhses.ny.gov/ocs/streets, to access SAM resources, including back issues of SAM News.

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Acting Chief Information Security Officer


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