Homeland Security and Emergency Services

Office of Counter Terrorism Units

  • Intelligence and Analysis Unit

    Works in collaboration with the New York State Intelligence Center to analyze and disseminate terrorist-related information received from a wide variety of international, federal, state, local, and private resources.

  • Public Safety Unit

    Works with New York's First Responder Community (e.g. law enforcement, fire, EMS) to support their terrorism preparedness and response capabilities. Coordinates federal, state, and local resources regarding Northern Border Security, and supports public and private sector outreach initiatives.

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit

    Coordinates critical infrastructure protection with public and private sector partners. Conducts assessments of critical infrastructure and key resources, and helps to develop protection strategies.

  • Federal Grant Program Administration Unit

    Supports DHSES' role as the State Administrative Agency for the federal homeland security grant funds by managing the homeland security grants process and associated program requirements. All grant initiatives must support the State Homeland Security Strategy.