Homeland Security and Emergency Services

Law Enforcement Liaison Unit

About the Unit

The Law Enforcement Liaison Unit works with local, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies to:

  • Promote and support law enforcement operations designed to enhance public safety, border security, and public security;
  • Facilitate and support counter terrorism trainings and exercises for state and local law enforcement officers;
  • Conduct outreach to strengthen partnerships between State agencies and law enforcement at all levels, and to raise awareness for OCT programs;
  • Provide subject matter expertise to aid in the development of training programs, workshops, and exercises.

Regional/Border Security Initiatives

The Law Enforcement Liaison Unit supports a range of regional and border security initiatives through funding, coordination, and promotion, including:

  • Strategic Police Intelligence Driven Enforcement Response (SPIDER) Operations - SPIDER Operations bring local, county, state, tribal and federal law enforcement stakeholders together to test border security capabilities and identify potential gaps for future corrective actions.
  • Operation Stonegarden - Federally-funded program that invests in joint efforts to secure the U.S. borders.
  • Radiological Interdiction Programs (including the NYPD's Securing the Cities) - Border security exercises that train first responders on illicit radiological source detection, interdiction, and identification in an effort to prevent or mitigate the threat of a radiological attack.

Trainings and Exercises

The Law Enforcement Liaison Unit provides funding, coordination, and subject matter expertise for trainings, exercises, and prevention activities statewide, including:

  • Specialized counter terrorism trainings for first responders, such as blast schools, explosive detection canine trainings, WMD tactical operations, and tactical team and bomb squad trainings;
  • Radiological interdiction, identification, and response trainings;
  • Specialized training courses and exercises hosted by the State Preparedness Training Center (SPTC) in Oriskany, NY, such as the annual Excelsior Challenge.