Homeland Security and Emergency Services

Accreditation Council

The Accreditation Council serves as the formal oversight and governing body for the Program, to include making the final determination on whether or not an Emergency Management Office (EMO) has met the accreditation standards. The Accreditation Council is co-chaired by the President of the New York State Emergency Management Association (NYSEMA) and the NYS DHSES Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Director. The Council includes a total of eight members, with the President of NYSEMA and DHSES OEM Director each appointing three additional representatives. Each of the appointed members serves a three year term.

As the governing body for the Program, the Accreditation Council is responsible for final approval of the accreditation process, ensuring the associated standards are both current and relevant, and that the program remains viable.

Council Members:


Chris Baker
NYSEMA President
Director, Cattaraugus County Office of Emergency Services

Kevin Wisely
DHSES Deputy Commissioner, Emergency Services
Director, Office of Emergency Management

NYSEMA Appointments:

  • Jon Pease, NYS Department of Health
  • Mike Ponticiello, Broome County Emergency Manager
  • Tony Santoro, Wyoming County Emergency Manager

DHSES/OEM Appointments:

  • Matt Franklin, Director of Emergency Management for NYS DEC
  • Keith Golden, Captain, New York State Police
  • Jennifer Wacha, Deputy Commissioner for Westchester County Department of Emergency Services