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CERT Programs in New York State

While CERT is a community-level program, designed to meet the needs of the local community, there are many commonalities between programs in different locations. This page is intended to meet both of those needs.

First, it will serve as a resource to those interested in joining a local CERT team. Some may have web pages, while others may not. If there is a web page for a local CERT team in New York State, the link will appear below. If not, contact information will be provided.

Second, this directory will serve as a resource to other CERT programs. Because of the commonalities of CERT programs, many program managers are looking to achieve similar objectives. Check out other programs throughout the state to see how they have structured their program and what they have achieved. We encourage all programs with web sites to post best practices, achievements, and continuing education / maintenance programs.

If you are a CERT program manager in New York State and do not see your information posted here, please send your information (program name, location, contact information, and web page address) to Training@dhses.ny.gov

Local CERT Programs