Homeland Security and Emergency Services

Resources For CERT Instructors

Many CERT programs, despite their location, will use similar resources. To assist CERT instructors and program managers, we've provided a working list of resources that you might want to consider for your classes as well as a directory of additional resources.

If you have any ideas for resources that you would like to contribute, please send information (resource, application, and source) to: Training@dhses.ny.gov.

Resources are divided into several categories:

  • Start-up and funding
  • Program materials
  • Continuing education and maintenance

Start-Up and Funding

  • CERT Executive Briefing - this briefing, provided for local program managers or advocates, is a tool for assisting in briefing local officials on the CERT program
  • CERT Funding and Grant Guidance - this presentation provides some guidance on how to best structure your program to make you eligible for grant opportunities
  • Launching a CERT Program - this presentation is designed to help a program manager through the process of launching a CERT program in their community; thanks to Rachel Jacky for the basis of this material

Program Materials

Suggested Equipment List

  • Laptop (w/ PPT)
  • Speakers
  • VCR
  • LCD Projector
  • Projection Screen
  • Television
  • Extension Cords, A/V cart, etc.
  • White board/dry erase board
  • Participant/Class tracking system (database)
  • Moulage kit
  • Full-sized Mannequin
  • Airway / CPR Mannequins
  • Miscellaneous supplies (easel, chart paper, markers, pens, pencils, certificates of completion, masking tape, etc.)
  • Registration forms, marketing flyers, liability release forms, etc.
  • Instructional Materials (SM, binders, handouts, etc.)

Safety Equipment

(classroom set and participant set)

Think GREEN!

  • Helmets
  • Safety vest
  • Goggles
  • Work gloves
  • Latex / Nitrile exam gloves
  • Basic First Aid kit
  • P/N-95 mask
  • Flashlight w/ batteries
  • Gear bag
  • Fire extinguishers (charged)
  • Burn pan or other similar prop (w/ fuel)
  • Cribbing
  • Pry bar
  • Wool blankets
  • Classroom set of First Aid supplies
  • Rolled gauze bandages
  • Gauze dressings
  • Triangular bandages/cravats
  • Splinting materials (non-commercial)
  • Latex / Nitrile exam gloves
  • Triage kit

Continuing Education and Maintenance

  • Introduction to Community Emergency Response Teams (IS 317) - this independent study by FEMA can serve as either an introduction to CERT or a refresher to those who are already members. The program includes six modules with topics that include an introduction to CERT, fire safety, hazardous material and terrorist incidents, disaster medical operations, and search and rescue. It takes between six and eight hours to complete the course; those successfully finishing it receive a certification of completion from FEMA. This program is not a replacement for the hands-on training.