Homeland Security and Emergency Services

Fire Hazards

  • Generators become hot while running and remain hot for long periods after they are stopped.gas can

  • When spilled on hot engine parts, generator fuels (gasoline, kerosene, etc.) can ignite and cause an explosion.  If your generator has a detachable fuel tank, remove it before refilling.  If this is not possible, shut off the generator and let it cool before refilling.

  • Gasoline and other generator fuels should be stored and transported in approved containers (properly designed and marked for their contents), and vented.

  • Do not store generator fuels in your home.  Store fuels away from living areas.

  • Keep fuel containers away from flame producing and heat generating devices such as the generator itself, water heaters, cigarettes, lighters, and matches.  Do not smoke around fuel containers – escaping vapors or vapors from spilled materials can travel long distances to ignition sources.