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Homeland Security and Emergency Services

How to Search a Web Page

In order to search a web page for certain contents contained on that page, follow these instructions:

  1. Press Contol+F at the same time (On a Mac computer, it is Apple F)
  2. Enter a word or phrase to search by; remember to be specific, and remember that a single character out of place will alter the outcome of the search
  3. Depending on the browser or application you are using, choose a search method. Normal options include "Find", "Find Next", "Find All", "Find Again", "Search", etc....

These instructions have been tested in Internet Explorer, Safari, and Netscape. Different browsers may have different steps or may not provide a built-in search option. If pressing Control+F (or Apple F) doesn't work, you can also try going to your browser's toolbar and look under the "Edit" drop-down list for further options.

Note: All alerts, bulletins, and SIREN's are in PDF format. When you have located the file of your choice, and you have opened it in Adobe Acrobat, you can search within the file for a specific subject by following the same instructions as above. Adobe Acrobat includes a built-in search option that will search the entire document for an entered word or phrase, which will help you locate the topic(s) you are looking for.