Information Bulletin Number 0703012

CPSC Launches "Drive to 1 Million" Recall Initiative Agency Stresses Search for Recalled Products during Spring Cleaning

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Spring is a much anticipated time of year. And while there may be many things consumers look forward to in springtime, spring cleaning isn't necessarily one of them. Although it may be a dreaded chore, consumers look to remove old clutter, make room for the new and pull their seasonal items out of storage. While consumers are preparing to clean, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is encouraging consumers to spring clean for safety.

In doing so, CPSC is launching the new "Drive to 1 Million" initiative. The goal: to sign-up at least 1 million consumers to receive life-saving information electronically through CPSC's e-mail notification project. Consumers can receive notice of recall information as it is released by signing up at -- Signing up is free, it's fast, and it could save your life or the life of a family member.

"It is vital for consumers to check their own homes for hazardous products that have been recalled," said Acting Chairman Nancy Nord. "Consumers can literally save lives with the click of their computer mouse."

The agency is not only calling on consumers to go to the Web site on their own, but is asking retailers to assist in getting the word out to consumers. Various messaging techniques will be used in the coming weeks and months to drive consumers to the CPSC Web site.

As closets, garages and other storage areas are cleared out and cleaned, CPSC is asking consumers to keep safety in mind and be on the lookout for hazardous recalled products that could be deadly. CPSC, in a record year last year, recalled 466 products. Yet, not everyone gets the word. Some product recalls may have been announced when products were put away for the season or consumers may not have heard about the recall when it was announced.

For example, Selina Patten, of Manassas, Va., had a close call when the recalled plastic nail from a Playskool toy tool bench became lodged in the throat of her 3-year-old daughter. She was able to remove the nail before serious injury occurred. She later discovered the product had been recalled after the death of two toddlers, though she did not hear about it.

In a taped message released at today's CPSC press conference, Ms. Patten urged everyone to sign-up to receive recall information. "Most of all register with CPSC. Get that e-mail that may save your child's life," said Ms. Patten.

Additional categories of recalls on CPSC's Web site include the following that consumers should check when doing their spring cleaning:

Outdoor products: such as grills and outdoor furniture for porch or patio
Outdoor power equipment: air compressors and gas pool heaters
Children's products: outerwear with drawstrings, necklaces that contain lead, battery packs for toy vehicles, and flashing pacifiers
Power tools: cut-out tools, nailers, circular saws and pressure washers
Household products: fans, candles Electronics: computer batteries, remote controls

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