Information Bulletin Number 0703018

Availability of FluWorkLoss 1.0 Software to Estimate Loss of Work Days During an Influenza Pandemic

Illness rates during an influenza pandemic are likely to be two to five times higher than during a typical influenza season. To maintain continuity of essential operations, public health officials, policy makers, health-care facilities managers, and business leaders must plan for influenza-related work absences during an influenza pandemic. FluWorkLoss is a software program that allows estimation of the potential number of days lost from work because of an influenza pandemic.

Users can change nearly all input values, such as the number of work days assumed lost when a worker becomes ill or the number of work days lost because a worker stayed home to care for a family member. Users also can change the length and virulence of the pandemic model so that a range of possible effects can be estimated. FluWorkLoss provides a range of estimates of total work days lost, and graphic illustrations of work days lost by week and percentage of total work days lost to influenza-related illnesses.

An accompanying manual contains a case study illustrating use of FluWorkLoss to estimate the potential impact of an influenza pandemic on the availability of human blood donors; the case study can be adapted to other situations. FluWorkLoss and other pandemic planning tools is available, free of charge, at:

Instructions for downloading and system requirements for running FluWorkLoss are provided.