Information Bulletin Number 0704022


There is a significant bug in the version of CAMEO that was released in February. When Tier2 Submit 2006 data is imported into CAMEOfm 1.2, data in the Chemicals in Inventory module may be corrupted. We have posted a new version (CAMEOfm 1.2.1) that fixes this error. Download CAMEOfm 1.2.1 at:

and then follow the instructions below to install the new version. If you only have Tier2 Submit 2006 data in CAMEO: Download and install CAMEOfm 1.2.1 and re-import your Tier2 Submit 2006 data.

If you have multiple years of Tier2 Submit data (including 2006) in CAMEO:

1) For safety, backup all of the data in your current CAMEO and put that in a safe place.
2) Go to the Chemicals in Inventory module and search for records with a report year of 2006.
3) Delete the found set of Chemicals in Inventory records.
4) Export all of the data in CAMEO (but don't overwrite the file from Step 1).
5) Install the new CAMEO version 1.2.1.
6) Import the file from Step 4.
7) Import their Tier2 Submit 2006 files

If you have not yet imported your 2006 Tier2 Submit files: Backup your existing CAMEO data. Download and install CAMEOfm 1.2.1. Then you can import your 2006 Tier2 Submit files.

If you do not use Tier2Submit: You can continue to use CAMEOfm 1.2. However, we recommend updating to the newest version.

As always, you can report software bugs by emailing:

If you need additional assistance, please contact the CAMEO help desk at: (301) 429-5018.

Our apologies,
The CAMEO Development Team