Information Bulletin Number 0705037

NIMSCAST Passwords

Visit the NIMSCAST website at and select the Reset Password link located on the login screen.

After you enter your e-mail address, a new temporary password will be e-mailed to you. Your previous password will no longer be valid.

If it is less then 24 hours from the time that the e-mail was sent, you can use the first link (see Figure 1) provided to access the tool and reset your password. The link will take a user into their account where they will create a strong password and enter it twice. If it has been more then 24 hours since the e-mail was sent, your temporary password has expired.

Also, when selecting a new password, it must contain a minimum of eight (8) characters to include each one of the following:

1 Lower case character (a-z),
1 Upper case character (A-Z),
1 Special character (!@#$%^,etc...),
1 digit (0-9)

Example: "NIMSis#1"

#2 Establishing a NIMSCAST Account

The NIMSCAST has two locations that accounts can reside in, State/Territory Authorized Accounts (Official) or Public Accounts. In the Official Account structure, accounts hold assessment information for individual States, territories, tribal nations, and local jurisdictions and/or organizations. An account can represent an assessment by one or multiple jurisdictions and/or agencies that create a method to report on NIMS compliance for a particular year and report (rollup) that information up to a main account. For an Official Account, it is organized into a hierarchy structure as part of a State or territory. The hierarchy structure is to be determined by the State/territory NIMS Coordinator or designee. For access to an account within a State or territory, please contact your State or Territory NIMS Coordinator or local emergency management agency for access.

A Public Account is an account created outside the official account structure and can hold assessment information for a jurisdiction and/or organization. Although the user can create an account to answer assessment questions, the account it not directly linked into an account hierarchy. The assessment information can not be submitted for rollup either unless it is migrated to the Official Account side. To create an account outside the Official Account structure, click on "Create an Account Outside the Official Permission Base System" located under the login box and follow the prompts.

Additional NIMSCAST guidance is available in the NIMSCAST's Technical Users Guide found here: