Information Bulletin Number 0705044

CEDAP Grant Program

The CEDAP Grant program is intended for First Response groups. It is a method to acquire necessary equipment that would not be funded through regular channels.

The Program is referred to as CEDAP Fiscal Year 2007. CEDAP Grants are only available to Fire, Law Enforcement and EMS teams. All applications for the CEDAP program are accessed exclusively though the Responder Knowledge Base. Users MUST access the RKB website:

register (free log-in), and create a password. The CEDAP Page may be accessed by clicking on the link on the main page.

The Application may be downloaded from the CEDAP information page on the RKB. Official Application Duration is from Apr. 25 through May 29 only - all items on Application MUST be completed accurately and properly prior to the deadline. It is essential the applicant be extremely careful in preparing answers to the questions on the Application. It is important for the applicant to explain the need for the equipment desired, and put together a justification for its use. There are essay questions that are evaluated by the review team - these form an important part of the application. Vague answers are not considered acceptable by the CEDAP team.

All submissions are to be made electronically through the RKB. One of the important steps in the Approvals process involves the CEDAP team contacting the Chief or Head of the Applicant Agency. The Chief MUST ensure all is correct with the Application, MUST endorse the need for the equipment, and MUST approve the application electronically prior to Deadline after being contacted by the CEDAP Team. The Chief may be asked to provide additional information.

It is essential for the individual applicant to obtain prior agreement of his/her Chief as to the need for the equipment. Coordination within the Applicant's department will be critical. Upon sign-off by the applicant's Chief and the CEDAP team, the Application is submitted to the State Homeland Security Department, for review to ensure the equipment application fits into the overall plan.

If application is approved, the equipment will be purchased by DHS/CEDAP on behalf of the applicant. Training on the use of the purchased equipment is included as part of the system, as is a cartridge replacement plan to ensure continuity of test cartridges - it is a complete package!

The new 2007 Catalog with the Acceptable Equipment list is available on the RKB website. The application process is fairly easy and well worth the time and effort.