Information Bulletin Number 0706051

WISER 3.0 is now available!

You may download it from

or access the on-line version, WebWISER, at:

Highlights of this release include the following capabilities on the Windows, Pocket PC and web platforms.

Pocket PC users: tap the new toolbox icon on the toolbar to access the new radiological and ERG tools:

data for 20 isotope substances and a general "ionizing radiation" substance

Tools / reference materials for radiological incidents
The complete ERG 2004, including powerful search capabilities

Substance List enhancements
Improved, more powerful search capability, including wildcarding

Substance categories support: view all substances, just chemicals, just radioisotopes, or filter by substance categories such as the classes/divisions of the Hazard Classification System

Help Identify now supports searching for unknowns by substance category, in addition to properties/ symptoms. E.g., indicate the unknown is in a meth lab, or is a flammable liquid, etc. General data enhancements

9 new user-requested chemical substances

WISER's Protective Distance data menu option now includes the "Initial Isolation and Protective Action Distances" data from the ERG 2004

Incorporation of the latest NLM Hazardous Substance Data Bank updates Look for the following additional capabilities in future releases:

The 3.0 features made available on the Palm OS version of WISER
Expansion of the 3.0 features
Additional substance category support, including more categories Additional tools/reference materials for radiologicals and chemicals Enhanced printing support for the Windows platform

Windows Mobile Smartphone support
Biological mode: biological substance data and related tools and reference materials And more!

Your feedback is crucial to the future of WISER! For example, what additional category support would you like? What additional tools and reference materials, both for radiologicals and in general? What other features/data? What anecdotal feedback regarding WISER usage in real-life responses do you have? Please submit your feedback and ideas at the WISER web site:

Thank you!
The WISER Team