Information Bulletin Number 0707072

NIMS Alert 18-07
The Incident Management Systems Division Releases the Updated Public Works Credentialing Job Titles

As part of our Nation's efforts to strengthen catastrophic response capabilities in line with the National Incident Management System (NIMS), FEMA's Incident Management Systems Division has released updated Public Works Job Titles.

The Public Works Job Titles listed criteria for credentialing Public Works personnel and were posted on November 29, 2006, for a 45-day review period. During this period, the Public Works Working Group received over 150 comments and questions from national and state associations and related organizations, as well as from individuals with a professional interest in initiatives supporting resource typing and credentialing. Each of the comments was reviewed, and consideration was given as to how to incorporate the feedback. The Public Works Working Group did not attempt to determine experience equivalency for any of the criteria, since the respective credentialing authority is the appropriate body to determine whether individuals meet the standards. The National Credentialing System does not establish or administer standards for the public works community.

These Public Works Credentialing Job Titles are now final. These job titles are now part of the National Emergency Responder Credentialing System which documents minimum professional qualifications, certifications, training and education requirements that define the standards required for specific emergency response functional positions.

The National credentialing process is voluntary (i.e. reflecting only the volunteer participation of a/first responder(s) willing to be deployed under interstate mutual aid agreements or compacts). States must establish a program administered by the State Director (or other Official designated by the Governor) to grant authority to agencies, organizations or other entities to issue Qualification Cards for persons to be deployed for interstate mutual aid. For additional information please see NIMS Guide 0002, March 27, 2007 on National Credentialing Definition and Criteria at:

These recommendations have been submitted to the Incident Management Systems Division and will be made available on the NIMS Web page at:

Further questions and comments regarding credentialing can be sent to: