Information Bulletin Number 0707075

PHMSA Amends HazMat Regulations to Require Shipper Contact Info

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration has proposed amending hazardous-materials regulations to require shippers to place basic identifying information in shipping papers to better assist emergency responders in the event of a hazmat incident.

PHMSA's notice of proposed rulemaking would require shippers - or "offerors" -- to include their names or contract numbers in the shipping papers.

Under current law, shippers who offer hazardous materials for commercial transport must provide emergencyresponse telephone numbers on shipping papers. But many offerors have entered into contracts with industry associations and other organizations who then take responsibility for providing detailed response information. As a result, the shipping paper contains only the number of the emergency-response service provider, and not that of the original shipper.

Recently, the International Vessel Operators Hazardous Materials Association asked PHMSA to revise the telephone-number requirement to link the emergency-response service provider with the original shipper. Valuable time is lost, the group says, when shipments are delayed while responders are trying to obtain or verify emergency-response information.

Submit comments by Aug. 31 using the Federal Rulemaking Portal:

Follow the instructions for submitting comments. Docket No.: 2006-26322 (HM 206F).
Information: Joan McIntyre, PHMSA, Office of Hazardous Materials Standards, (202) 366-8553.
See the July 2 Federal Register, pp. 35961-35966, at: