Information Bulletin Number 0708086

AEL and SEL Updated as of August 8, 2007:

Authorized Equipment List and Standardized Equipment List
FEMA's National Preparedness Directorate has released an update to their Authorized Equipment
List (AEL). The AEL is currently used to assist in determining allowability under 13 different
grant programs, including the Homeland Security Grant Program. The update includes technical
clarifications to categories for chemical and radiological detection equipment to better reflect available
technologies and improve the alignment of radiation detection categories with the N42 suite of
standards. Other minor changes are also included. All changes are reflected in the AEL Change
Log, a copy of which is included as the first two pages of the official AEL PDF file.The InterAgency
Board for Equipment Standardization and Interoperability (IAB) has also released an update to their
Standardized Equipment List (SEL). In the interest of maintaining the closest possible correlation
between the two lists, the IAB has made similar changes to its chemical and radiation detection
sections, as well as numerous other updates to the features and operating considerations information
contained in the SEL.The timing of these two updates was coordinated so that the Responder
Knowledge Base could release them simultaneously using its integrated display facility. RKB users
have the option of viewing the new AEL and SEL information in a single-page online format. The
AEL and SEL are available online at The AEL PDF document is available for
download either from the Responder Knowledge Base or from its official home location at