Information Bulletin Number 0710129

NLM Releases Resource for Health Effects of Wildfires

The National Library of Medicine has released a new resource focused on the health effects from wildfires.

The California Wildfires Web page includes information on the health effects from fires and exposure to smoke; links to air quality resources, environmental clean-up following fires, and animals in disasters.  In addition, resources for emergency responders and information in Spanish are included.  Searches of NLM databases, such as MedlinePlus, PubMed, TOXLINE, Tox Town, and Haz-Map (occupational health) are included for additional health information.

The page also provides the locations of facilities reporting to the EPA Toxics Release Inventory and Superfund sites in and around San Diego (TOXMAP).

This web page is designed to help emergency responders, health care providers, public health workers, and the general public find authoritative and timely information about key health concerns from wildfires.  Links to other federal government web sites, including, FEMA, and the Department of Health and Human Services are included.

Some of these resources focus on California, but may be utilized and adapted to be useful to all emergency responders and locals.