Information Bulletin Number 0712141

NIOSH Science Blog

We are very excited about the new NIOSH Science Blog – our most recent tool for sharing NIOSH research and communicating with our stakeholders. If you haven't already visited the blog I encourage you take a look at Our latest post on Stress at Work went live yesterday. Other topics posted since the creation of the blog in November include Preventing Firefighter Deaths from Cardiovascular events and Truck Driver Safety and Health.

I hope that the NIOSH Science Blog will become an important channel through which NIOSH research can be seen, read, discussed, understood and used to improve worker safety and health throughout the world. Through robust scientific discussion with our stakeholders, I also hope that we can sharpen our own thinking about various occupational safety and health issues and learn how best to communicate with all segments of our stakeholder community.

I look forward to hearing from you on the blog.