Information Bulletin Number 0712142

HHS Offers Tools to Promote Local Pandemic Preparedness

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has released a toolkit to help community leaders educate their constituents about steps they can take to prepare for an influenza pandemic.

Preparing for a pandemic influenza outbreak involves everybody.  The threat of pandemic influenza is real, and America needs leadership from respected community members to prepare our towns and cities, reduce the impact of pandemic flu on individuals and families, and reduce or even prevent serious damage to the economy.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other public health experts agree that it is not a question of IF a pandemic will occur, but WHEN it will occur.  If America is not adequately prepared, pandemic flu could seriously affect everyone economically.

Government alone can't prepare the nation for pandemic flu; this challenge requires your help.  As a leader in your community, you can play a powerful role in encouraging your employees, patients, and members and others whom you represent to prepare by providing information and guidance and by preparing yourself.

This kit was developed by HHS and CDC along with input from community leaders.  It is designed to provide you with key information and tools to help your organization or practice understand the threat of a pandemic and prepare for it now.

This toolkit provides the following:

Information for you about pandemic flu
Ready-to-use and ready-to-tailor resources prepared by HHS and CDC
Ideas and materials to encourage your organization to prepare and to encourage other leaders to get involved
Pandemic preparedness efforts are an important part of community leadership.

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