Information Bulletin Number 0712144

NY governor stumps for cheap statewide broadband in NY.

New York's governor on Thursday announced his plan to provide broadband Internet service to even the most remote areas of the state.  The affordable high-speed Internet service plan was part of what he said will be a transformation and expansion of New York's economy.  Under his plan, a state Council for Universal Broadband, whose members include top information technology officials, representatives from local governments, and experts from academia, will distribute $5 million in grants to research, design and provide broadband Internet.  The plan is aimed at providing a tool to help the long stagnant economy in upstate counties.  The initiative includes a plan to help New Yorkers learn how to get the most out of broadband service including job searches, school and college work, and establishing home businesses.  More than 350 state government services and transactions are available on the Internet.  He said the effort will take several years and evolve into an effort to provide wireless service statewide.  The effort comes after legislative proposals have languished.