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ProjectDisaster was launched in January 2006 as a forum for news and discussion regarding disasters, terrorism, emerging infectious diseases, disaster response, mitigation and preparedness.  The hosts of ProjectDisaster include: Paul Rega, MD, FACEP, Kelly Burkholder-Allen, RN, MSEd, and Churton Budd, RN, EMTP.  Guest authors are also invited to submit articles and comments.  With now over 7000 articles, many of the postings originate from excerpts from the popular press with commentary by the ProjectDisaster team.  Articles come from information gathered through Internet listserv messages, news alerts, E-Magazines, professional books and journals as well as personal correspondences and experiences from the authors and their associates in disaster deployments.  Articles are archived by date and category.

Using ProjectDisaster as a medium, the team is able to aggregate items of interest to the disaster response community in one place, and with a wide variety of topics that include: Terrorism, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Lessons Learned, Mitigation and Preparedness, Bioterrorism / Chemical / Nuclear agents, HAZMAT, Incident Command, etc.  In addition to making this content available on the web site, the team is making use of cutting edge technologies such as RSS Feeds, BLOG's, WiKi's, PodCasts and VideoBlogs to deliver this information to you.  From time to time, various lectures, power point presentations and educational offerings will be offered on the site.  Future plans will include telephone and video interviews with disaster educators, researchers and responders by the ProjectDisaster team.

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