Information Bulletin Number 0803180

USFA Announces Video Version of Coffee Break Training

EMMITSBURG, MD. – The U.S. Fire Administration announced the release of Coffee Break training presentations in video format to enhance ongoing support of fire prevention efforts.

Coffee Break training provides technical training in fire protection systems, building construction, codes and standards, inspection techniques, hazardous materials and administrative tips.  The training is targeted toward fire and building inspectors with busy schedules who often don't have time to attend valuable skill-enhancing training sessions.

Since November 25, 2005, USFA has provided weekly Coffee Break bulletins on its Web site in Portable Document Format (PDF).  The popularity of Coffee Break training encouraged USFA to produce an alternative video version that is now available on the USFA Web site and YouTube.  Additionally, a Coffee Break podcast can be subscribed to through iTunes.  The titles of the first two video training presentations are Fire Sprinkler Inspectors Test and Fire Sprinkler Main Drain Tests.  These video presentations are a co-production of the USFA's National Fire Programs Division and the National Preparedness Network (PREPnet).

“As a former Metropolitan Fire Chief, I have come to know first hand the value of this simple training support tool for all firefighters in bringing fire prevention examples to life and illustrating important lessons,” said U.S. Fire Administrator Greg Cade.  “The video presentation of Coffee Break training will provide an additional opportunity to support the dedicated prevention individuals working throughout the nation to ensure a fire-safe community.”

Coffee Break training bulletins have proven to be enjoyable to read and shared during a typical coffee break.  One page in length, each bulletin contains a photograph or drawing that illustrates the point of the training lesson.  Over 100 Coffee Break bulletins can be downloaded from the USFA Web site.  Emergent issues that require urgent or special coverage and focus are issued as Hot Coffee! bulletins.  Every three months, the USFA provides a self-assessment tool for students to evaluate how much information they have retained.  Continuing Education Units (CEUs) soon will be offered for the quarterly exams.

USFA will continue the weekly PDF versions and as time and budgets allow, plans an additional two video presentations each month.

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