Information Bulletin Number 0803193

NIMS Director Vacancy Announcement DHS
For Your Information from Department of Homeland Security
As you may know, the Incident Management Systems Integration Division (IMSID) at FEMA is undergoing some
changes. Below please find the vacancy announcement for a new permanent IMSID Director. Please give wide
distribution to this notice if you have any ideas on good candidates for the position. Details are in the vacancy
announcement - this includes both the National Incident Management System (NIMS) program, and the National
Response Framework (NRF). The vacancy closes Wednesday, April 2.
A vacancy within the Incident Management Systems Integration Division, has been announced for a Supervisory
Program Specialist (Director) GS-0301-15. The announcement opened on 3-19-2008 and closes 4-2-08.
The final announcements for the Supervisory Program Specialist (Director - IMSI), GS-0301-15 position with the
National Preparedness Directorate (NPD) located in Washington, DC have been posted on USAJOBS and FEMA's
Link for DE-08-NPD-320-TLP (open to all US Citizens):
Link for MP-08-NPD-320-TLP (open to Federal employees, etc):