Information Bulletin Number 0805206

2008 Fire/EMS Safety, Health and Survival Week
The U.S Fire Administration is pleased to once again participate as a partner in the 2008 Fire/EMS Safety, Health and
Survival Week, scheduled for June 22-28, 2008. The program is sponsored by the International Association of Fire
Chiefs (IAFC) and the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF).
The theme for this year is Committed to Long Term Results, which encourages long term investments by both chiefs
and firefighters to enhance their health and safety. The ultimate goal is to institute a strong culture of health and safety
within the fire and EMS service.
Recommended activities and materials will incorporate three key areas where standard operating procedures, policies,
and initiatives – along with the training and enforcement that support them – can limit fire and EMS personnel's risk
of injury or death.
1. Initiate an emergency vehicle policy, to include:
a. Always buckle up.
b. Always stop at red lights and stop signs.
c. Always drive at speed limits and defensively.

2. Fully implement the Wellness-Fitness Initiative:
a. Provide annual medical and physical evaluations.
b. Provide equipment and time for exercise.
c. Provide nutrition information.

3. Fully implement NFPA 1500, especially sections addressing personal protective equipment (PPE):
a. Provide compliant PPE.
b. Train and enforce use of PPE, including respiratory protection
Keep watching for more information on this year's program and planning resources
developed by the IAFC Safety Health and Survival Section.