Information Bulletin Number 0807227

ItzaGasCan: Fire Safety Hazard

This bulletin is intended to advise fire inspectors, fire marshals, code enforcement officials and the public as to the
suitability of a product named ItzaGasCan for use in the State of New York.
The product in question, a collapsible container utilized for storing and dispensing flammable liquids, including
motor fuel, is predominately constructed of cardboard.
The Fire Code of New York State requires that containers meet the requirements of Section 3404.3.1 and NFPA
30. NFPA 30, 2000 edition, Section 4.2.1 requires containers be either metal or plastic. Furthermore, regarding the
actual operation of filling this product with motor fuel, the Fire Code of New York State Section 2204.4.1 prohibits
Class I, II, or IIIA liquids from being dispensed into containers that do not have a screw-type or spring-loaded
cover. The nozzle of ItzaGasCan, being designed to snap into place, not being removable after insertion and sealed
by use of a stopper placed over the end of the nozzle to prevent spillage, does not meet the requirements for a
tight-closure per the Fire Code.
The Fire Code of New York State does not regulate products differently by virtue of the product being reusable,
disposable, or based on the probability of use. Section 2702.1, definition of ‘Hazardous Materials Storage' does
not provide direction that retaining hazardous materials for a short amount of time is not considered ‘Hazardous
Materials Storage.' Therefore, the assertion that ItzagasCan is used for emergency purposes only has no bearing on
the enforcement of regulations on such product.
In Summary, it has been determined that ItzaGasCan is not an approved container for storing or dispensing
flammable liquids within the State of New York.