Information Bulletin Number 0808235

Incident Command System Simulation Courses
Now Available Online
EMMITSBURG, MD. – The U.S. Fire Administration's (USFA) National Fire Academy (NFA) announced
today four Incident Command System (ICS) Simulation Series courses are now available through NFA
Online. The ICS Simulation Series courses are designed to provide challenges to the newly appointed,
inexperienced fire officer as well as the experienced senior fire officer. Each course addresses a different type
of incident and allows the student to assume the role of the Incident Commander on the scene.
“It is our desire that the lessons and challenges presented in these new online courses will serve to prepare the
student to be successful in similar real-life situations”, said U.S. Fire Administrator Greg Cade. “The USFA
continues to provide educational opportunities for firefighters faced with the challenges of today's buildings.”
The four new courses are:
• Q324 – Incident Command System Simulation Series: Ranch House
• Q325 – Incident Command System Simulation Series: Town House
• Q326 – Incident Command System Simulation Series: Mansion
• Q424 – Incident Command System Simulation Series: Nursing Home
To access these four courses, as well as others, visit NFA Online at and select the
Browse Catalog or New Student options.
There are currently 12 online courses available through NFA Online with topics including Emergency
Medical Services, Emergency Response to Terrorism, Fire Prevention, Incident Management, Management
Science, and Public Education. The U.S. Fire Administration has a mission to provide national leadership to
foster a solid foundation for local fire and emergency services for prevention, preparedness, and response. It
is the federal leader in public fire education and awareness, fire service training, fire-related technology and
data collection.