Information Bulletin Number 0808236

NIOSH joins in highlighting
National Firefighter Health Week
Logo for National Firefighter Health Week In conjunction with their Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program, the National Volunteer
Fire Council (NVFC) has announced that the second annual National Firefighter Health Week will be held August 18 – 22,
2008. NIOSH is partnering with the NVFC to promote this week-long initiative that is designed to educate the fire and
emergency services community, and the public, about heart-health as well as a variety of other health and wellness issues. Each
day of National Firefighter Health Week is dedicated to a different health issue of particular concern to the fire and emergency
services. The issues that will be highlighted are behavioral health, nutrition, heart-health, respiratory/lung health, and diabetes.
Please go to the following link for more information on this very important initiative or contact
Tim Merinar at