Information Bulletin Number 0808239

Earn CEUs for Coffee Break Training

Students who need continuing education units (CEUs) to maintain professional certification in fire prevention and code enforcement now can obtain them from the United States Fire Administration's NFAOnline, the National Fire Academy's website for distance and online learning.

NFAOnline, at, has begun posting the popular Coffee Break Training series and exams that will enable students to earn up to 0.2 CEUs for each test. Q840 – Coffee Break Training: Volume 1 is available now and more Volumes will be released in the coming weeks.

Coffee Break Training was begun in 2005, and comprises free weekly training vignettes on topics related to building and fire codes, fire protection systems and equipment, hazardous materials, inspections, building construction and fire behavior. There are more than 150 individual topics posted on the National Fire Academy site, and more than 17,000 worldwide subscribers to the weekly automated delivery. The weekly releases are compiled into Volumes, an exam is established and each Volume will be posted to NFA Online.

Busy building and fire code officials may have continuing education requirements in their jurisdictions to maintain their professional certification. The challenge of finding regular, low-cost skills training can be a problem. Now, by granting CEUs for the Coffee Break Training Volumes, students can obtain credit for courses they take right on their computers.

To sign up for the free weekly Coffee Break Training deliveries, go to .