Information Bulletin Number 0808240

USFA Releases Report on Fire Department Preparedness for Extreme Weather Emergencies and Natural Disasters

Emmitsburg, MD - The United States Fire Administration (USFA) released today a new technical report titled Fire Department Preparedness for Extreme Weather Emergencies and Natural Disasters. This report examines the impact of extreme weather and natural disasters on the fire service and the types of service calls most likely to arise as a result of these disasters.

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“Firefighters continue to be called upon to respond to many types of incidents, disasters, and situations – in all kinds of weather, day and night,” said U.S. Fire Administrator Greg Cade. “Our coun¬try's fire service is an amazing cadre of specially trained individuals whom the public relies on during emergencies – including extreme weather and natural disasters. This requires all firefighters to be prepared to respond in the most challenging conditions.”

Fire Department Preparedness for Extreme Weather Emergencies and Natural Disasters also addresses equipment and planning needed in order to be prepared. Safety, mutual aid, shift management, resource identification, logistics, and other related issues are discussed, along with examples from case studies of fire departments that have learned from experience what can happen. The report provides information fire departments can use to enhance their level of preparedness and ensure greater safety the next time disaster strikes.

“September is again the nation's Preparedness Month,” continued Cade. “The USFA is pleased to provide this critical information in support of not only this important Department of Homeland Security initiative but also to continue our mission of ensuring the fire service is capable of responding to any and all emergencies, regardless of scope.”

The USFA develops reports on selected major incidents throughout the country. The incidents usually involve multiple deaths or a large loss of property, but the primary criterion for deciding to write a report is whether it will result in significant lessons learned. Under this project, USFA also develops special reports addressing a variety of issues that affect the fire service such as homeland security and disaster preparedness, new technologies, training, fireground tactics, and firefighter safety and health.

For additional information regarding this report, or other USFA Technical Reports, visit the Publications section of the USFA Web site.