Information Bulletin Number 0901271

Structural Stability of Engineered
Lumber in Fire Conditions
This two-hour presentation summarizes a research study on the hazards posed to firefighters by the use of
lightweight construction and engineered lumber in floor and roof designs.
This presentation will allow fire professionals to better interpret fire hazards and assess risk for life safety of
building occupants and firefighters.
This research study was funded by the Department of Homeland Security's Assistance to Firefighters Grant
Provide brief history of events leading up to DHS Grant tests
Identify the fire test hypothesis, parameters, and steps completed in the testing process
Compare tests results (legacy vs. modern construction)
Communicate learnings from our partners representing the fire service
Discuss code recommendations
Target Audience:
All fire services and personnel in North America
Fire safety organizations, building code officials, public health officials, fire protection engineers, architects,
building owners, contractors, manufactures, and installers of fire protection equipment
Insurance companies