Information Bulletin Number 0902275

New CAMEOfm and Updated CAMEO Chemicals Website are Available Online Now

Dear CAMEO user,

A new CAMEOfm and updated CAMEO Chemicals website are available online now!

CAMEOfm (version 2.0) supports importing of Tier2 Submit 2008 files, including facility site plans in graphic formats or as PDF or Microsoft Word documents.  CAMEO's chemical library has been replaced with the CAMEO Chemicals program, which works interactively with CAMEOfm 2.0, ALOHA, and MARPLOT.  CAMEOfm 2.0 can be run from a USB flash drive, the manual and help system have been upgraded, and a few minor bugs have been fixed.

Both the new CAMEO Chemicals website and CAMEO Chemicals program include updated chemical data and new UN/NA datasheets with information from the 2008 Emergency Response Guidebook.  Both also feature enhanced, easier-to-use chemical reactivity prediction.  You now can add water to a mixture of chemicals, and reactivity predictions automatically display in an easy-to-use chart format.

* Download CAMEOfm 2.0 from
* Download the new CAMEO Chemicals program (CAMEO's new chemical library) from
* Visit the CAMEO Chemicals website at

A new version of MARPLOT will be available in mid-February.  MARPLOT 4.0 incorporates web-mapping services and supports the use of shapefiles and a variety of raster formats.  You'll be able to click on a location of interest to get its elevation and an instant weather forecast, and you can work with Landview-like population functions.  As you work with the new version, the latest U.S. Census county maps, and state and national map layers will automatically download.

The CAMEO Team at EPA and NOAA