Information Bulletin Number 0903282

Grant Application Assistance
There are two publications located online that fire departments and other emergency agencies may use to find
sources of homeland security monies and compete for funds. As state and local governments struggle to fully fund
public safety, it is recognized that emergency organizations urgently need all possible fiscal relief.
The Homeland Security Today publication, “State and Local Managers' Guide to Homeland Security Grants and
Funding 2009”, identifies and describes the purpose and eligibility/qualification criteria for 2009 homeland security
grant programs. The publication also lists online grant research resources, and explains the various types of funding.
Specific sections of the guide discuss critical infrastructure protection funding, interoperability funding, ideas for
building effective collaborations, and tips for securing additional grants . Access the guide at: .
“The Path to Grant Success” (2009 Edition) opens with a brief overview of a systematic approach to vulnerability
assessment. As the publication explains, there is an increased emphasis on vulnerability assessments as part of the
grant application process. The assessments are requested to identify vulnerabilities in applicants' communities and
gauge how awarding the grant would address them. In addition to discussing common grant-writing myths and
explaining grant fundamentals, the publication reinforces the value of regionalization, a concept that is receiving
renewed attention in today's uncertain economic environment. Under the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program,
“Any eligible applicant, whether a fire department or a nonaffiliated EMS organization, may act as a ‘host applicant'
and apply for large-scale or regional projects on behalf of itself and any number of organizations in neighboring
“The Path to Grant Success 2009” can be accessed at: