Information Bulletin Number 0906293

Biodiesel: Response Considerations
Biodiesel production is generally safe when managed by professionals. However, even the safest facilities can have
industrial accidents. That is why the National Biodiesel Board and the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC)
are working proactively to prepare biodiesel producers and their local fire departments for what everyone hopes will
never occur: a fire at a biodiesel plant.
Together the groups have cooperated for more than a year to prepare and distribute safety training materials.
NBB has posted the new “Biodiesel: Response Considerations” safety resource on its web site and is mailing copies
to NBB producer members to work with their local fire departments. The IAFC will distribute 2700 copies to fire
departments and at events, like the International Hazardous Materials Response Teams Conference.
The materials are designed to start a proactive dialogue between fire departments and biodiesel producers. The set
includes a CD of training materials, such as a PowerPoint presentation, as well as a video about response considerations.
They include information about the chemical characteristics of biodiesel as well as the necessary chemicals that are
used in biodiesel production. Fire departments can use the resources as a guide to what to expect at biodiesel facilities
and what fire fighting foams are appropriate. NBB and IAFC developed the materials with the support of a U.S.
Department of Energy Grant. United Soybean Board funding provides for the distribution.
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