Information Bulletin Number 0911312

NIOSH has recently released the following
Firefighter Fatality Investigation Reports:
F2009-18 Aug 03, 2008
Volunteer fire fighter dies after suffering a head injury
while operating a platform aerial ladder - Rhode Island
F2009-16 Dec 08, 2008
Lieutenant suffers a fatal cardiac event after completing
live fire training – Wisconsin
F2009-10 Jan 02, 2009
Career fire fighter dies when backed over while spotting
an apparatus - New Jersey
F2009-07 Feb 19, 2009
Volunteer lieutenant and a fire fighter die while combating
a mobile home fire - West Virginia
F2008-08 Mar 05, 2008
Volunteer fire lieutenant killed while fighting a basement
fire – Pennsylvania
F2007-32 Aug 29, 2007
Two career fire fighters die while making initial attack on a
restaurant fire – Massachusetts