Information Bulletin Number 1001315

Jeremiah Lucey Grant Program
(Alabama, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Mississippi, New York)
The Leary Firefighters Foundation
Deadline(s): Jan 01 2014
Deadline Information
There is no deadline. Letters of inquiry and applications are reviewed as received. Fire Department representatives
should first send a letter of inquiry (not to exceed two pages) which includes the following information: description of
the organization seeking support; overview of project to be funded and grant amount requested; problem/challenges
project will address; timeframe for implementation of project; summary of other sources being approached for
support of project. In addition to the letter of inquiry, a project budget should be included. Applicants considered for
funding will be contacted and asked to complete a full grant application form.
The Jeremiah Lucey Grant Program, named in honor of Denis Leary's cousin who perished in a catastrophic fire in
Worcester, Massachusetts, provides financial support for the training and equipment needs of uniformed firefighters
in board-designated geographic areas. The purpose and objectives of this program are very specific in nature. The
distinct subject matter of this funding opportunity necessitates a thorough review of the official program guidance
referenced at the URL provided in the contact section of this summary.
History of Funds: None is available.
Average Award: Varies
Contact Information
Department: The Leary Firefighters Foundation
Street: 594 Broadway, Suite 409
City: New York
Zip: 10012