Information Bulletin Number 1001317

Firefighters Charitable Foundation
Deadline(s): Jan 01 2014
Deadline Information
Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Applicants should fill out the Apply for Grants Form at
The Firefighters Charitable Foundation continues to provide assistance to those in need. Grants are given to assist
local fire/disaster victims, fire prevention education, volunteer fire department equipment purchase, and community
safety programs. The Firefighters Charitable Foundation provides funding that: (1) Assists fire and disaster victims;
and supports Volunteer Fire Departments. (2) Supports outreach programs for fire safety, first aid education and aids
children in need. (3) Delivers grants to other charitable organizations that help victims of fire. The following grants
are available that meet specific grant requirements: (1) AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) - available nationally
to an organization that would like to implement an AED program for their community. Local fire department should
be contacted to assist with determining what brand AED to buy and to arrange CPR/AED training for those that
will administer it. (2) Fire Department Equipment Program - available for Volunteer (and Paid) Fire Departments
to purchase fire fighting equipment and vehicles. It also provides assistance to acquire necessary tools, clothing and
other procurements. (3) Community Smoke Detector Program - available for Volunteer Fire Departments, Safe Kids
Coalitions, Social Service Agencies to assist with implementation of a smoke detector, battery replacement program
in their local community. (4) Juvenile Firesetters Program - available for any Fire Department (Volunteer or Paid)
or a Social Service Agency wishing to implement a Juvenile Firesetters Program. The grant includes a $500.00 cash
award to help offset the initial costs of setting up the program with items such as Audio/Visual Equipment, Printing,
etc. and a copy of the Broward County, Florida Fire Marshall's Office - Juvenile Firesetters Program Implementation
History of Funds: None is available.
Average Award: Varies
Contact Information
Name: Firefighters Charitable Foundation
Street: One West Street
City: Farmingdale
Zip: 11735