Information Bulletin Number 1001318

Dunkin Brands Community Foundation
Deadline(s): Jan 01 2012
Deadline Information
Letters of inquiry are accepted on an ongoing basis. The request for proposal process is as follows: April: the
foundation researches/reviews letters of inquiry; June: contacts organizations for full grant application; August:
proposals are due; September: presentations are made by selected organizations; December: the foundation
announces grants for the upcoming year.
The Dunkin' Brands Community was created in partnership with the franchise owners of Dunkin' Donuts and
Baskin-Robbins to support emergency response organizations before a crisis occurs. The foundation's goal is to help
ensure that those depended on during a disaster have the training, equipment and resources they need to rise to any
occasion. The Dunkin' Brands Community Foundation helps to strengthen capacity and leadership for organizations
that serve communities in times of crisis, from the people on the frontlines in the heat of a disaster to the silent heroes
who rebuild communities after the limelight fades. Through its charitable grants and partnerships, the foundation
helps emergency response organizations: (1) provide safety training to responders; (2) develop rapid-response
preparedness plans; (3) update and improve emergency-response infrastructure; (4) purchase and maintain emergency
response equipment; (5) raise public awareness of resource needs; and (6) encourage the public to get involved and
show their support. The foundation supports emergency response organizations by providing financial assistance,
building capacity, developing partnerships, encouraging volunteerism, honoring local heroes and much more.
History of Funds
Recent grants are provided at
Average Award: Varies
Contact Information:
Name: Leslie Klein
Department: Dunkin' Brands Community Foundation
Street: 130 Royall St., 2 West B
City: Canton
Zip: 02021