Information Bulletin Number 1005323

Municipal Training Program Update:
The information below is provided in response to inquiries regarding municipal fire departments conducting NYS fire
training courses for other agencies, including volunteer fire departments, which do not participate in the Municipal
Training Program, pursuant to 19 NYCRR Part 438, The New York State Fire Training Program – Minimum
Section 438.6 (i) authorizes municipal training officers and municipal fire instructors to provide NYS fire training
courses to fire departments that do not participate in the Municipal Training Program subject to a written agreement
between the municipal training officer of the department(s) providing the training, the chief fire official of each
participating department and the County Fire Coordinator.
This written agreement should address, at a minimum, the responsibilities of the participating agencies regarding the
Provision of course materials, including books and instructional packages, as required by section 438.6(j);
Relevant staffing or personnel costs, including salary and insurance coverage, consistent with section
Provision of personal protective equipment for instructors and students;
Training sites;
Provision of apparatus or equipment required for the training.
It is recommended that all agencies review the relevant sections of 19 NYCRR Part 438 when drafting the written
To ensure compliance with the requirements of the standards, a copy of this written agreement shall be submitted to
the State Fire Administrator prior to the scheduling and delivery of the training courses. A copy of the agreement will
be maintained in the file for the municipal fire department(s) providing the training.
Please note that section 438.9 (b) prohibits authorized instructors from charging a fee to deliver NYS fire training

The information contained in the on-line version of the NYCRR is not the official version of the NYCRR. No representation is made as to its
accuracy, nor may it be read into evidence in New York State courts. To ensure accuracy and for evidentiary purposes, reference should be
made to the official NYCRR which is available from Thomson West.
Questions or concerns should be directed to the Standards Unit of the Fire Services Bureau.