Safety Alert Number 0801123

To: Owners of Scott AV-3000 Facepiece
From: Rick Hofmeister
Subject: AV-3000 Facepiece
Date: January 8, 2008
Scott Health and Safety has received several reports of AV-3000 facepiece tabs separating in the field. Scott, in conjunction with the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), launched
an investigation into the root cause of this condition. The joint investigation concluded that there is no
fault with the AV-3000 faceseal material including the tabs. The investigation did demonstrate,
however, that improper faceseal donning technique may generate sufficient force to tear the faceseal
tabs. The purpose of this correspondence is to reinforce the importance of the proper faceseal donning
technique via the attached Technical Bulletin in order to lessen or eliminate AV-3000 faceseal tab
failures by Scott users. An extensive product quality test plan was designed attempting to replicate AV-3000 tabs tearing as
reported from the field. During the product testing process it was discovered that donning the AV-3000
facepiece and pulling the head harness straps outward and away from the wearer's head requires greater
force to achieve a good face to facepiece seal. This additional force applied during the donning or
faceseal tightening process in turn creates additional force on the faceseal tabs which may result in
faceseal tab separation. Conversely, when donning the AV-3000 facepiece properly by pulling the head
harness straps straight back as shown in the attached Technical Bulletin (and as recommended in Scott's
Operations and User Manuals), the force necessary to achieve a good face to facepiece seal is reduced. While there are tens of thousands of Scott AV-3000 facepieces in service today whose users have not
experienced faceseal tab separation, Scott is committed to the health and safety of all its customers. To
that end, we take any product-related issue very seriously and will work with our AV-3000 users on any
questions or concerns they may have regarding proper donning procedures. Scott Health and Safety continues to stand behind its products and supports the owners of this
equipment. If at any time the owners of the AV-3000 facepiece experience any damage of the faceseal,
remove the facepiece from service and contact Scott for further assistance. Cordially,
Rick Hofmeister
Service Group Manager