Safety Alert Number 0807163

Underwriters Laboratories Warns of
Counterfeit Automatic Fire Sprinklers
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is notifying consumers, distributors and property owners of automatic fire sprinklers that bear
a counterfeit UL Mark for the United States and Canada. Although marked with the word "Globe," these sprinklers are not
manufactured by Globe Fire Sprinkler Corp. and have not been evaluated for safety by UL. This information supersedes a public
notice released by UL on July 14, 2006. Name of Products: GL 5651 Pendent type fire sprinklers
GL 5661 Upright type fire sprinklers
GL 5626 Horizontal Sidewall fire sprinklers
GL 5681 Concealed type fire sprinklers
Units: Unknown quantity
Date of Manufacture: January of 2004 to present
Manufacturer: Unknown
Identification: On the product: The word "Globe" appears on the product. Sprinklers with the counterfeit UL Mark are manufactured with a slot-head
screw and Job F5 or Job FR glass bulb. Non-counterfeit UL-Listed sprinklers
manufactured by Globe Fire Sprinkler Corp. contain a hex-head screw and a Job
G5 or F3 glass bulb. In addition, identifiable markings are found on the counterfeit sprinklers'
deflectors on the following models:
Pendent type automatic fire sprinkler
SSP, cULus in a circle, GL 5651, 2004, 155°F/68°C
Upright type automatic fire sprinkler
SSU-1, cULus in a circle, GL 5661, 2004, 155°F/68°C
Horizontal sidewall type automatic fire sprinkler
cULus in a circle, GL 5626, 2004, 155°F/68°C, Flow, Sidewall Top
Concealed type automatic fire sprinkler
cULus in a circle, GL 5681, 2006, 155°F/68°C
What you should do: UL recommends consumers stop using these sprinkler
heads and return them to the place of purchase.