Safety Alert Number 0904249

Akron Brass (formerly GFE Manufacturing) Manual / Portable Cord Reels (part number preceded with ECR-) manufactured prior
to October 17, 2008 have a remote potential for an electrical shock hazard due to an ungrounded metal frame. Units made after
October 17, 2008 are grounded and are not affected by this recall. The hazard can be created if the incoming power cord hot wire that is connected to the slip ring (a device that transfers electricity
between rotating parts) were to come loose and touch the metal frame. The hazard might also occur if the neutral wire supplying
the extension cord were to come loose and touch one of the bolts within the reel hub securing the metal frame. Although this potential hazard is remote due to the quality of the overall unit, we are taking the precaution of recalling all Manual
/ Portable Cord Reels manufactured prior to October 17, 2008 with a part number preceded with ECR-. These should be returned
to Akron Brass for retrofit. This notice does Not pertain to any electric reels (with a part number preceded with ERWC-) which
are mounted to apparatus or non-live cord reels (with a part number preceded with NCR-). Click Here for Cord Reel Identification
Please do not attempt to retrofit the unit. Retrofit must be completed by our trained factory technicians. It is recommended by Akron Brass that you check all brands of manual cord reels to ensure that they are properly grounded to
eliminate any potential danger of an electrical shock hazard. For 90 years, Akron Brass Company has taken pride in offering to the Fire Service the very best in firefighting equipment by
delivering industry leading products and exceptional service. In providing the very best firefighting equipment, our #1 priority is
the safety of our customers. Therefore, when faced with this potential safety issue, we concluded that prompt action to advise you
and implement this recall program was the right course of action. RECOMMENDED ACTION:
If your department has a Manual / Portable Cord Reel manufactured by Akron Brass or GFE Manufacturing prior to October 17,
2008 with a part number preceded with ECR-, please log on here: to process the
return of your affected reel(s). If you need further assistance, please contact Customer Service:
U.S. Customers call 1-800-228-1161 ext. 3555
Canadian customers call 1-800-228-1161 ext. 7071
All other International customers call 330-264-5678 ext. 7007